What does the training include?

- Comprehensive one-to-one training in tennis-specific mindfulness skills.
- On-court mindfulness practices to help you stay focused and deal with the full range of difficult emotions which occur during match play.
- Off-court concentration practices to develop and maintain your ability to stay calm and alert throughout matches.
- Off-court foundational mindfulness practices to increase awareness of your mental experience and enable you to refocus your attention on the present moment.
- Provision of guided audio mindfulness practices to use between one-to-one sessions.

What are the benefits?

- Enhance your overall tennis performance.
- Play the big points with confidence.
- Learn to deal effectively with difficult thoughts and emotions during matches.
- Increase your ability to play ‘in the zone’.
- Improve your concentration and alertness.
- Overcome problems with nerves, anger and choking.
- Learn to let go of self-criticism.
- Maximize your enjoyment of the game.

Sessions/Packages Available:

60 minutes private session (Skype/In Person, age 9+)
Package of 8 x 60 minutes sessions (Skype/In Person, age 9+)

Downloadable Course

About The Expert:

Neil Endicott founded 'Mindfulness-Based Tennis Psychology' in 2011, creating the world's first online tennis-specific mindfulness course. He also provides one-to-one training in this powerful method to tennis players around the globe.

Please contact the Tour Level Player Development Program to discuss your Mindfulness training needs and fees.