"You're an encyclopedia of knowledge, it's really fun to be working with you!"
(Mike Bryan, ATP Tour, 20x Grand Slam Winner & Olympic Gold Medalist)

What does the training include?

Personalized nutrition planning with a Sports Dietitian. Regular meetings to be sure all aspects of your training and tournament fueling are optimized. 

What are the benefits?

Learn how to:

- Eat to support your training needs (you shouldn’t always be eating the same way every day).
- Fuel out on the court – should you use a sports drink?
- Maintain your energy through 3-set matches – even if you usually run out of gas.
- Bounce back from hard matches and win the next day.
- Love playing in the heat, and use it to your advantage.
- Eat when you have multiple matches in one day… and what not to eat.
- Find supplements that can maximize performance and recovery, but are safe and legal.


Video: Jeff Rothschild explains match day nutrition for tennis, including managing playing multiple matches on the same day.

Sessions/Packages Available:

- Introductory Package: Initial 90 minutes session plus 2 x 45 min follow-ups (Skype/In Person, age 9+)
- Follow-up Package: 3 x 45 minutes follow-up visits (Skype/In Person, age 9+)
- Initial visit (90 minutes) (In Person, age 9+)
- 45 minutes follow-up session (Skype/In Person, age 9+)

- Elite Analysis Initial Office Visit (EMR Test & 90 min session)(3 hrs total, in person, age 16+)
- Elite Analysis Initial Skype Visit (90 minutes, age 9+)
- Elite Maintenance Program (post-introductory package, email service, age 13+)

About the Expert:

Jeff Rothschild (picture above) is a Registered Dietitian (RD) with a Master’s Degree in Nutritional Science. He has worked with a number of ATP and NCAA tennis players including Grand Slam winners and Olympic Gold medalists. Jeff is also a tennis player himself, and has previously spent five years as an assistant college tennis coach at CSULA.

Please contact the Tour Level Player Development Program to discuss your Nutrition training needs and fees. 

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