What do the recovery sessions include?

Skype Recovery Strategy Sessions:

- will include a discussion of pre training/competition & post training/competition recovery strategies customized to you, the athlete.

In person Sessions:
- will be conducted at a facility in West Los Angeles, CA.

- will include a combination of compression boots/pants, physiotherapy modalities, and passive stretches performed by Dr. Ciara.

What are the benefits?

Skype Recovery Strategy Sessions:
- Finding methods & tools custom to the athlete to aid recovery for enhanced performance.

In person Sessions:
- Enhances the body's natural ability to remove metabolic waste that accumulates during practice and/or competition.
- The compression therapy will aide in flushing this waste towards the heart to enhance removal at a quick pace.
- Physiotherapy modalities loosen the muscles and further promotes the removal of metabolic waste from the tissues.
- Passive stretching helps to keep the joints and muscles loose to optimize performance and prevent injury.

Sessions/Packages Available:

- 40 minutes private session (in person, age 7+)
- Package of 5 x 40 minutes sessions (in person, age 7+)
- 30 minutes private recovery strategy session (Skype
with parents for ages 7-12, player age 13+)
- Package of 2 x 30 minutes private recovery strategy sessions
(Skype with parents for ages 7-12, player age 13+)

About the Expert

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Dr. Ciara Cappo is a board certified Doctor of Chiropractic. She is additionally certified in Kinesiology Taping and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization/Graston. She specializes in Sports Chiropractic which encompasses injury prevention, performance recovery and corrective functional movements.

She is a member of the sports medicine team for USA Beach Volleyball and travels annually with their athletes.

Please contact the Tour Level Player Development Program to discuss your Recovery needs and fees.