Tennis fitness - nathan & Giselle martin

"Nathan can get the best out of me and take me to the next level." (Lleyton Hewitt)
"I was truly impressed with their training methods and expertise." (Martina Navratilova)

Video: Meet the Trainers - Nathan and Giselle Martin.

What does the Tennis Fitness online package include?

- An initial 30 minutes Skype consultation (to establish your goals, discuss current levels of athleticism, tennis practice and tournament structure & is an opportunity to get to know you and what your needs are, so we can be specific and individualized for our athletes.
- We will then prepare your 6-week training program & send it to you via email.
- We will take you through it all in our second Skype consultation (60 minutes).
- The program will contain videos of exercises and also a pdf copy.
- Due to the fact that our online athletes train remotely, we will follow up with you for a 30 minutes Skype consultation either during your training block, if you need assistance, or at the completion, to discuss your next move.

What will you receive?

- What our athlete’s receive in their 6-week training program is a modern, periodised, specifically designed program, for them! 
- The programming covers: Strength, Speed, Agility, Power endurance, Flexibility and Aerobic conditioning. The programs will be in video files (where applicable) and also in pdf version.

What are the benefits?

- By following your 6-week program you will improve on the areas that had been highlighted in our consultations, whether that be more power, better movement etc.
- After setting your goals we will step you closer to achieving them through the correct programming and support.

Sessions/Packages Available:

- Tennis Fitness Introductory Package (parent present with ages 8-12, parent preferably present with ages 13-18) As described above: Initial 30 mins Skype consult, 1 x 60 mins Skype consult, 6-week tailored online program and 30 mins Skype follow-up consult, either during or upon completion of your training program
- Additional 30 minutes or 60 minutes Skype consult
(parent present with ages 8-12, parent preferably present with ages 13-18)
- In-Person 30 minutes or 60 minutes sessions (age 6+)

About The Experts:

               Nathan Martin

               Nathan Martin

Nathan and Giselle Martin have been at the forefront of worldwide, tennis fitness innovation and tennis fitness training for the past 16 years.

They have helped players of all levels – from Wimbledon champions to social hitters and school kids – reach their potential through improved physical performance, injury reduction and ongoing education.

The ‘Martin Method’, a brand name in the world of tennis fitness trainers, takes the experience and knowledge gleaned from working with athletes like Lleyton Hewitt, Martina Navratilova and Monica Seles and applies it to all players of all standards.

                 Giselle Martin

                 Giselle Martin

It’s a complete tennis fitness program, stretching from warm up and cool down routines to speed, agility, power, tennis footwork and much more.

Nathan and Giselle have trained five world number one players and are based in Bondi, Sydney, Australia.

Please contact the Tour Level Player Development Program to discuss your Tennis Fitness needs and fees.

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