Yoga - julia mccabe, B.Ed Kinesiology, eryt-500

What does Skype Yoga include?

- A progressive approach, depending on your body history and experience with yoga.
- An initial consultation to ensure our compatibility as trainer-athlete, to hear your goals and review my style of teaching.
- 60 minute sessions will integrate de-stressing breathing techniques (about 10 minutes at the start per session) and the remaining 50 minutes will consist of athlete-specific movement/asana therapeutics built for injury prevention, increased focus, strength, core stability and joint mobility specific to tennis. It will be sweaty and challenging. 

What are the benefits of Yoga?

The benefits of a steady yoga practice are multi-fold for all high calibre athletes.
- Yoga asana is a science, when it is taught properly in conjunction with an athlete's personal goals.
- It is a planned sequence of continuous movements set to help align your bones, muscles and breath in union (yoga means "union").
- It teaches you breath control including while under the "stress" of holding strength-inducing postures.
- Yoga is excellent for injury prevention - which is an incredible advantage over others not practicing yoga.

Video: Julia McCabe features in an art and yoga time lapse.

Sessions/Packages Available:

Introductory 60 minutes private session (Skype/In Person, age 13+*)
60 minutes private session (Standard rate)
(Skype/In Person, age 13+*)
Package of 5 (60 minutes) sessions. (Skype/In Person, age 13+*)
Package of 10 (60 minutes) sessions. (Skype/In Person, age 13+*)
30 minutes private Skype session (ages 9-12 only)
Package of 5 (30 minutes) Skype sessions(ages 9-12 only)
*In-Person 60 minute sessions may be available to ages 9-12, based on the maturity of the athlete and at the discretion of the expert.

About The Expert:

Julia McCabe graduated with a degree in Kinesiology from McGill University and during that time worked with athletes in training. Since 2003, she has been teaching yoga full time - including working with mountain sport athletes (skiers, snowboarders, mountain bikers) on a continuous basis in Whistler, B.C and all over the world. She has worked internationally, privately and publicly teaching students, athletes and teachers in training of all levels. 

Please contact the Tour Level Player Development Program to discuss your Yoga needs and fees.